Gold plated chafing dishes

Add elegance and style to your Parties & buffet display with this Gold plated chafing dishes

Chafing dishe is the foundation for any food display whether you are setting up an intimate buffet at your hotel’s poolside deck or entertaining a wedding with a large three-room setup, organizing a corporate lunch or dinner or throwing a private party

Chaffing dishes play an important role in the buffet display & food warming technicalities where Guests attending dinner parties and celebrations in Start Hotels and Restaurants are to be treated royally and discreetly.

In today’s time where power lunches & dinners are more about gorgeous places, gourmet food and aesthetic presentations it is always a challenging task to present a very elegant feel to your overall buffet display.

Gold Plated Chafing dishes by Venus Industries

Gold plated chafing dishes type 1 4 curvy legs

Gold Plated Rectangle Full Roll Top Chafing Dish With Curvy Legs

Rose Gold chafing dish rectangular shape with classic style cover

Rose Gold Tent Cover Chafing Dish With SS Stand

Rose gold plated chafing dish small size without stand

SQ Rose Gold Chafing Dish With SS Stand

As Chafing dishes are used for displaying & storing foods their aesthetic looks are quiet a way instrumental in creating an impactful visual soiree and what better than a Gold-Plated chafing dish.
Gold finish adds that extra bling to your overall food display arrangement and also that glamorous quotient much needed at these venues.

Typically, a chafing dish is a multi-layered and uses chafing fuel to heat a large, shallow pan of water, which in turn heats a pan of food above it. The food in the pan stays hot, and the indirect heat, along with the water, keeps it from scorching or drying out. Electric or induction chafers don’t use fuel, but still use water as a medium to transfer heat, and are great for permanent buffets particularly in restaurants.

Chafing Dishes at Venus Industries

Venus Industries has always been pioneering the luxury trend in hospitality/ hotelware industry  For instance, by introducing the very first Lift Top Chafing Dishes in 1972; for the first time in India, introduced Roll Top Chafing Dishes in 1999 and Glass Lid Chaffing Dishes which facilitated easy opening and closing of the dish with a hydraulic mechanism in year 2003.

Introducing Gold plated Chafing dishes is yet another innovative way to add that extra gleam to your overall hospitality /hotelware .

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